Map of global shark sanctuaries produced by Marine Conservation Institute (2014)
Here are links to legal language that has been implemented around the world to protect sharks. A shark sanctuary is a national-level fishing regulation established through decree, legislation, or regulation amendment, which bans the commercial fishing of sharks throughout a country’s full exclusive economic zone (EEZ).  Shark fin trade bans make it illegal to buy and sell shark fins.

We recommend getting help from professional conservationists when you advocate for shark protections. They will be able to support you by making recommendations on what policies are needed, the best mechanisms for implementing those policies, and the decision makers who have the power to put those policies in place. Our advice is to add your support to that of an existing shark conservation campaign.

Shark Sanctuary Laws
The Bahamas (2011) | Federated States of Micronesia (2015) (Chuuk (2014), Kosrae (2012), Pohnpei (2013), Yap (2013)) | Republic of the Marshall Islands (2011) | British Virgin Islands (2014) | Palau (2003) | Maldives (2010) | Honduras (2011) | Cook Islands (2012) | French Polynesia (2006, 2012) | New Caledonia (2013)

US Shark Fin Trade Ban Laws
Northern Mariana Islands (2008, 2011) | Guam (2011) | American Samoa (Executive Order, Regulation) (2012) | Hawaii (2010) | California (Companion Bill) (2011) | Washington (2011) | Oregon (2011) | Illinois (2013) | New York (2013) | Delaware (2013) | Massachusetts (2014) | Maryland (2013)

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