Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Youth Ambassador Profile: Krisma Moore

Krisma Moore with Shark Stanley and Spencer Eagle Ray
Krisma Moore, born, raised, and educated on the Caribbean island of Grenada is our next Shark Stanley Youth Ambassador.

Krisma works on the staff of EcoDive, a Grenadian dive company, and is a graduate of the Marine & Wildlife Conservation bachelors program at the St. George’s University. She enjoys using her time, education and skills to educate and empower Grenadians and in her spare time volunteers with two local organizations: The Grenada Green Group; which is an anti-litter coalition that works along with communities and community groups, and Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN Grenada Chapter), a non-profit, civil society, charitable body that focuses its resources on empowering young people and their communities to develop programmes to address socioeconomic and environmental issues.

Krisma is currently leading the campaign to create a shark sanctuary in Grenada.  She makes presentations with community members on the importance of sharks to island ecosystems and is Shark Stanley's biggest fan.

We ask each of our Youth Ambassadors the same four questions.  Here's what Krisma had to say:

When and how did you first become interested in sharks?
I first became interested in sharks while watching a short shark documentary a few years ago, which made mention of the movie Sharkwater. The documentary aroused concern within me and I looked at the movie Sharkwater immediately after. The movie really put into perspective the magnitude of the problem of the over fishing of Sharks and how this issue can be easily swept under the carpet while our own survival as human beings hangs in the balance.

How are you working to help save the world’s sharks?
Here on the Islands of Grenada, Carriacou, & Petite Martinique I am creating awareness on the issue of Shark finning/ overfishing through presentations within schools, communities, school & community groups and events. I use every opportunity to shed light on the topic and no one is too young or too old.

Who are your conservation heroes?
My conservation heroes are Dr. Andrea Easter Pilcher, Dr. Heather Eves and Dr. Clare Morrall,  my advisors and professors of Marine & Wildlife Conservation at University and have and are participating actively in research and education campaigns globally targeting the conservation cause. Last but not least there is my dad who implanted the seed of a passion for conservation through his long talks while hiking through our beautiful rainforests of Grenada or our usual nature walks on evenings while growing up. My values in regards to conservation started here with heated discussions on what can be done about our own endemic species threatened with extinction.

How would you suggest other people get involved in the protection of sharks?
It doesn’t matter how small; every action counts. We can use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and casual day to day conversation between our peers and community members to spread the message on Shark finning/ overfishing. We can say no to Shark fin soup and any shark parts or by products being sold. We can also support groups and organizations that are locally/ globally fighting for the protection of Sharks like PEW by volunteering time, skills and services.
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