Tuesday, March 3, 2015

10 Tips for Taking Great Shark Stanley Photos

Shark Stanley combines science with art to advocate for conservation. Get creative. We’ve come up with ideas and created all sorts of materials. We're looking for you to take great Shark Stanley photos that will stand out and catch the eye of decision makers.  What can you do to take it to the next level?  Here are a few ideas:

#1. Make sure your photo has happy smiling faces, not just pretty backgrounds. The key to Shark Stanley’s success is people! Show your personality!

#2.  Tell us your story. Snap photos in places and with people that are important to you.

#3. Take photos in front of historical locations in your hometown. Shark Stanley is all about making connections. Mark your hometown as a place that supports shark protections by highlighting it in your photos. You can stand in front of a welcome sign, government building, or your place of worship.

#4. Laminate your cutout and take Shark Stanley underwater (make sure you use a waterproof camera!)

#5. Take photos of Shark Stanley in front of iconic locations during your next vacation. Not going on vacation, but know someone who is? Give them a Shark Stanley to take photos with.

#6. Get a celebrity to take a selfie with you while holding Shark Stanley.

#7. Take photos during big events like concerts, celebrations, and holidays. Mark the passage of the year by taking photos during all four seasons.

#8. Highlight your local culture and include Shark Stanley.

#SharkStanley with Marshall Islands Ambassador Kabua and Minister deBrum #RMI

A photo posted by Shark Stanley (@sharkstanley) on

#9. Ask a politician to support shark conservation by taking a photo with Shark Stanley.

#10.  Get even more creative! Customize the black and white version of your Shark Stanley, or draw your own using paint, pencils, or chalk. Create a Shark Stanley wall in your classroom. Some students in Guam made a Harlem Shake video with Shark Stanley. What’s your great idea?

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