Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Marine Mania Announces Save Our Sharks Video Contest

Remember those amazing kids on Guam who are standing up to protect their shark law? They just launched a contest to build more community understanding of the issues surrounding sharks and why they need protections. Do you live in Guam and want to participate? Email them at sharkloversguam@gmail.com.

Here's some information about the contest that they sent us:
Marine Mania (4-H) is proud to announce the first-ever S.O.S. – Save Our Sharks Video Contest! This is a contest that will educate and promote the protection of sharks around Guam’s waters. If you don’t already know, SHARKS ARE FRIENDS, NOT FOOD… AND CERTAINLY NOT MINDLESS KILLING MACHINES. Sharks play a vital role in keeping our marine ecosystem healthy, and it is our responsibility to educate other people about it. In this video contest, students will do just that! Students will research the importance of sharks and create a short video that will convince others to protect them.

If you are between the ages of 14 - 21, YES! You are allowed to enter as an individual or enter with a group of 2 - 5 members. All members must be in within the age requirement. Should a group win a prize, the decision on how the prize will be divided will be up to the group.

The theme is “Save Our Sharks.” Explain in your video why everyone should save our sharks and suggest ways we can save them. Brainstorm and feel free to explore different aspects dealing with shark conservancy and protection. Are sharks important? Do we really need them? Why should we protect them? Use these question to help you get started on your research. Most importantly, make sure that the video is convincing! The goal is to get the public to realize that sharks are friends, not food… And certainly not mindless killing machines. Use this idea to guide you when making your video.

If you should have any more questions regarding the Save Our Sharks Video Contest, contact us through e-mail at sharkloversguam@gmail.com
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