Monday, February 2, 2015

Airlines Respond to Shark Fin Shipping Report

Wild Life Risk has published a new tool on their website showing which airlines do or do not ship shark fins. The transport of shark fins on airplanes has received a lot of attention in recent years. Cathay Pacific became the first airline to stop carrying shark fins in 2012.

The data for the tool was obtained from Wild Life Risk by writing to airlines and asking them about their shark fin policies. Their responses have all been published.

Amazingly enough, on the first day of the tool's launch, airlines have begun to respond. Fiji Airways told Wild Life Risk that they were only shipping "sustainable" shark fin. However, in response to the reports on Twitter that they were still shipping shark fin, they are now claiming that they have not shipped shark fin since May 2013, nearly two years! This is excellent news!

It will be interesting to see how other airlines, especially some of the larger airlines, respond to this new tool. Yes, United Airlines, we are all looking at you!
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