Thursday, January 29, 2015

Real Change Coming to Discovery Channel Shark Week?

Discovery Channel just announced that they are holding Shark Week a month early this year. The annual Superbowl of shark programming will run July 5-12, with an additional weekend of new programming in August.

One wonders if this is part of new president Rich Ross's pledge to rid Discovery programming of man eating anaconda stunts and fake mermaid shows?

Yet they announced they have filmed a sequel to Great White Serial Killer. Shark blogger David Shiffman calls the original "pseudoscientific fearmongering nonsense that should not be getting a sequel" and put it in the category of Worst of Shark Week 2013 in an article for Wired.

We don't want to see more of this crap. Last year we started a campaign for people to protest Discovery's lack of scientific integrity by posting funny fake Shark Week facts using the hashtag #FakeSharkWeekFacts. Hundreds of you responded. Come on Discovery! Your audience wants a #RealSharkWeek, not more #FakeSharkWeekFacts

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