Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Second Annual #FakeSharkWeekFacts Festival

Last Year during Shark Week we asked our Twitter followers to tweet their favorite fake Shark Week facts and to tag them with #FakeSharkWeekFacts. We did it again this year. And the Twitterverse has not disappointed. This one if my favorite. You can find more #FakeSharkWeekFacts here. But are we being played by Discovery Channel? Nearly every scientist and conservation organization is having a hissy fit over Shark Week's mockumentaries, especially the opening night's Shark of Darkness: Submarine Returns and Friday's Megalodon sequel. Mike Neumann, the world's most famous shark blogger and the proprietor of the world's most famous shark dive thinks Discovery creates the controversy on purpose. It doesn't matter what we say about them, as long as we are talking.

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