Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Our Favorite Tweets

When we started the Shark Defenders coalition in 2010, we didn't know how fun it would be. When we asked President Obama to ban shark fin in the United States, Kristen Bell, helped us out with this tweet.
I have since watched Frozen six times (and will probably watch it again on today's flight from Narita to Dulles), which begs the question, "Do you want to ban some shark fins?"

A few months ago while sitting and bed and reading about the shark cull in Australia, I started tweeting things that are more likely to happen than being killed by a shark, including this little fact playing on the Five Degrees of Kevin Bacon game:
Kevin Bacon retweeted it, which is another thing more likely to happen than being killed by a shark.

Two years ago, with some urging from the Humane Society International, Ke$ha, who now goes by Kesha, gave a shout out to the shark conservation work going on in Fiji.
And my favorite tweet came from Leonardo DiCaprio, who congratulated Guam on their shark fin trade ban in 2011:
The Guam shark fin ban is being threatened by federal rulemaking today, but you can show your support by signing this petition created by Maile Dolores and Makaelah Blas students at George Washington High School and Simon Sanchez High School, respectively.
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