Friday, March 7, 2014

International Ocean Roundup VI


Senate guts shark-fin crack-down
Florida – 6 March 2014 – Orlando Sentinel
Florida may beef up penalties for poachers who harvest shark fins in state waters, but a Senate panel on Thursday gutted a broader effort to restrict the trafficking in fins for the dwindling population. Florida may beef up penalties for poachers who harvest shark fins in state waters, but a Senate panel on Thursday gutted a broader effort to restrict the trafficking in fins for the dwindling population.

Fishing Federation in Costa Rica Criticizes Tuna Restrictions
Costa Rica – 4 March 2014 – Costa Rica Star
The recent Executive decree signed by President Laura Chinchilla approving new restrictions on commercial longline fishing operations is a positive, yet not altogether effective, step towards stopping the overfishing and depletion of marine resources of Costa Rica.

Shark Lovers Try to Save Jaws From Trinidad's Bite
Trinidad – 5 March 2014 – ABC News
Conservationists said Wednesday they have launched a shark-saving campaign in the Caribbean country of Trinidad & Tobago, trying to stop locals and tourists from eating a popular delicacy: deep-fried shark sandwiches.

Electronic Seafood Traceability in a World of Risk and Uncertainty: The Gulf Seafood Trace Experience
U.S. – 4 March 2014 – Food Safety Magazine
Seafood is the most traded food in the world, and such distinction brings both challenge and opportunity, as recently witnessed in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

US Says Eastern Caribbean Leaders Fail To Address Official Corruption
Caribbean – 5 March 2014 – Bernama
Political leaders in the Eastern Caribbean (EC) have "largely failed" to address concerns of official corruption, according to a report released by the United States State Department. " Local and international law enforcement believe traffickers increasingly make use of yachts for drug transit, though "go-fast" boats, fishing trawlers, and cargo ships continue to be used. Drug transshipment through the Eastern Caribbean increased in 2013," said the document titled "2014 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report".

Kyatchi me if you can
U.S. – 6 March 2014 – Minnesota Daily
Minneapolis’ newest sushi restaurant raises the question, “How sustainable is our seafood?”

Can bluefin tuna be saved from extinction?; making New York-style bagels at home: Table Talk
U.S. – 6 March 2014 – Oregon Live
Can bluefin tuna be saved?: Bluefin tuna are among the most-hunted animals on Earth because its tender pink and red flesh has a flavor that's prized by sushi lovers. A medium specimen normally fetches $10,000 to $20,000 at auction, and last year, a single bluefin tuna sold in Tokyo for $1.76 million. Because of that demand, the fish are among the most poorly protected in the ocean, and face the possibility of extinction.


Rights Group: Thai Fishing Sector Abuses Migrants
Thailand – 4 March 2014 – ABC News
An environmental and human rights group has charged that Thailand is not adequately addressing severe abuse against Myanmar migrant workers in the Thai fishing industry.
See also: Slaves at Sea: Report into Thai fishing industry finds abuse of migrant workers ,

The choice is ours
Pacific – 3 March 2014 – The Fiji Times Online
THE Small Island Developing States (SIDS), or "Big Ocean Sovereignty States (BOSS)" as I like to call them, have a choice before them. They can either increasingly reap the rewards of a sustainable ocean ecosystem for the long-term benefit of their communities, or they can continue to sell out their fisheries resources on the short term to the Distant Water Fishing Nations (DWFN) like China and Taiwan.

PNA meet in Solomons to maximise conservation and dollars
Solomon Islands – 6 March 2014 – Radio New Zealand International
The Parties to the Nauru Agreement are meeting in Solomon Islands this week to look at conservation measures while optimising the economic opportunities for the islands from tuna fishing.

PNA countries in Solomons this week to agree on vessel days for US
Solomon Islands – 3 March 2014 – Radio New Zealand International
The member countries of the Nauru Agreement are in Solomon Islands this week to decide how to handle funding for their fisheries. Last year's negotiations with the United States and its tuna industry brought $93 million US dollars to distribute amongst them.

36 illegal fishers from oil spill-hit towns seized
Philippines – 5 March 2014 – Sun Star
A TOTAL of 36 fishermen from oil spill-hit towns of Batad and Estancia in Iloilo province were seized for illegal fishing.

Illegal fishing rampant on waters off southern coast of West Java
Indonesia – 5 March 2014 – The Jakarta Post
Marine Resources and Fishery Control director general Syahrin Abdurrahman says waters of the southern coast of West Java are an illegal fishing haven for foreign vessels.

Sri Lankan navy detains 32 Indian fishermen accused of poaching
Sri Lanka – 4 March 2014 – The Montreal Gazette
Sri Lanka's navy said Tuesday it has detained 32 Indian fishermen who were fishing illegally in Sri Lankan territorial waters less than two months after the two countries agreed to work together to combat poaching.

41 cases registered against mechanised boat fishermen
India – 4 March 2014 – The Hindu
The Fisheries Department has registered 41 cases against mechanised boat fishermen for using pair trawling nets even as country boat fishermen offered to surrender their nets and boat Registration Certificates (RC), demanding stern against them.

High seas pocket fishing rules released
Philippines – 3 March 2014 – Business World Online
The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) issued the regulations on group tuna purse seine operations in High Seas Pocket 1 (HSP-1), in Fisheries Administrative Order No. 245-2, Series of 2014, published in a newspaper yesterday.

Government enforces ban on FADs to conserve tuna stock
Philippines – 4 March 2014 – Business Mirror
A three-month ban on the use of fish aggregating devices (FADs) will be implemented by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources as part of its commitment to the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission’s tuna conservation initiative, the BFAR said.

Preparation Implementation of Port State Measures aggreement in Indonesia
Indonesia – 28 February 2014 – Pusat Informasia Pelabuhan Perikanan
By decision of the Director General of Capture Fisheries No. 18/DJ-PT/2009, the Indonesian government has appointed and set 5 (five ) fishing port location can be a place of PSMA implementation, namely: a. Ocean Fishing Piers Nizam Zahman Jakarta b. Ocean Fishing Piers Bungus c. Fishing port of Bitung Ocean d. Fishing harbor of Ambon archipelago e. Nusantara Fishery Port Palabuhanratu

Indonesian Fisherman Rescued in After Tuna Boat Fire
Pacific – 3 March 2014 – The Jakarta Globe
An Indonesian fisherman was rescued Monday floating in the Pacific, 24 hours after his tuna fishing boat was seen engulfed by fire. The man, identifying himself as Simon, was rescued by another fishing boat helping in the search for the Japanese-registered No. 8 Kaisei-maru, which was found in flames on Sunday, about 410 kilometers south of Kochi prefecture in western Japan, the coastguard said.

Fish-dumping trawler likely to be seized
New Zealand – 7 March 2014 –
New Zealand could end up owning a controversial South Korean fishing boat after a court judgment. At stake is the Oyang 75, a 68-metre stern trawler worth about $9 million that was involved in fisheries and environmental offences.

Europe –MENA

Barnstaple Tesco stores come under fire for selling 'dirty tuna'
U.K. – 3 March 2014 – North Devon Journal
Tesco stores in Barnstaple have come under fire for selling “dirty tuna” which allegedly uses fishing methods that can kill sharks, rays and turtles.

Fishing authorities say super trawler banned from Australia can fish in Irish waters
Ireland – 7 March 2014 – The Irish Examiner
Fishing authorities have moved to ease fears over the presence of the world’s second largest trawler in Irish waters — the same vessel which has been banned by Australia from fishing in its waters.

Seventeen Hundred Fishing Boats in Iceland
Iceland – 3 March 2014 – Iceland Review
Iceland is a fishing nation. Statistics Iceland has published new data related to the Icelandic fishing fleet compiled at the end of 2013. The total number of fishing vessels registered at the Icelandic Maritime Administration is 1,696.

Namibia: 200 Illegal Fishermen in Court
Namibia – 5 March 2014 – All Africa
Two hundred illegal foreign fishermen arrested in recent seek-and-arrest operations have been arraigned before the Katima Mulilo Magistrate's Court and charged with illegal fishing.

Somalia: Puntland Forces Seize Illegal Fishing Vessel
Somalia – 4 March 2014 – Horseed Media
Puntland Maritime Police forces have seized an illegal foreign fishing vessel together with several fishermen for illegally fishing in its waters, an official has confirmed.

Exercise Saharan Express 2014 begins
Africa – 7 March 2014 – Defence Web
Naval forces from the United States along with African and European maritime partners on Thursday commenced the fourth annual multinational exercise Saharan Express 2014. The exercise, being held in waters off West Africa, is an at-sea maritime exercise designed to improve cooperation, tactical expertise and information sharing practices among participating nations in order to increase maritime safety and security in the region.

LETTER FROM CAPE TOWN: Relief for traditional fishermen still far off
South Africa – 4 March 2014 – Business Day Live
IT IS unclear whether Department of Fisheries acting deputy director-general Desmond Stevens jumped or was pushed. But it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that his sudden departure is a direct consequence of the botched fishing rights allocation process, which is causing immense unhappiness in traditional fishing communities in the Cape.

Navy Evolves New Strategy to Combat Oil Theft
Nigeria – 6 March 2014 – This Day Live
The Nigerian Navy yesterday said it had changed its strategy and tactics in the fight against oil theft, piracy and illegal fishing, noting that the new approach would boost revenue that would accrue to the Federation Account.

Sierra Leone News: Pres. Koroma re-opens Fisheries Institute
Sierra Leone – 4 March 2014 – Awoko
The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources in collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and the Russian Federation on Tuesday March 4, 2014 officially opened the Fisheries and Marine Training Institute at the Kissy Dock Yard Grounds in Freetown.


The Cape Town Agreement on Fishing Vessel Safety should be ratified
Global – 5 March 2014 – WWF Blogs
The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has adopted as its theme for the 2014 Maritime Day: “IMO conventions: effective implementation”. One of the measures of particular importance to the fishing industry is the Cape Town Agreement on fishing vessel Safety.

Over-fishing and illegal dumping: "Nobody’s responsibility at the moment"
Global – 5 March 2014 – Voice of Russia UK
The Global Oceans Commission has proposed that the UN considers setting up a global maritime police force to ensure over-fishing and illegal dumping are controlled. VoR's Tim Ecott asked one of the three Global Commissioners, South African Minister of State Trevor Manuel, why he thought an international force would be useful.

Global fisheries enforcement professionals meet in Costa Rica
Costa Rica – 5 March 2014 – CCAMLR
Two hundred monitoring, control and surveillance professionals from around the world, as well as experts from related fields, met in February for the Fourth Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop (GFETW). CCAMLR's Fishery Monitoring and Compliance Manager, Sarah Lenel, travelled to San Jose, Costa Rica, to attend the meeting.


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