Saturday, February 8, 2014

International Ocean Roundup II

We're a few days late posting this because we're in Fiji for the Pacific Island CITES workshop.  Oh, jetlag.


Dongwon Accused of Fraud on US Flag Seiners
United States – 3 February 2014 –
A court case has been filed in the US District Court of Delaware for fraud allegations against Korean owned fishing company Dongwon, regarding US flagged tuna purse seiners.
See also: South Korean Tuan Company Charged with Defrauding US Government

Man Convicted of Murdering Coast Guard Officer
United States – 5 February 2014 –
A jury convicted a Mexican man of murder on Wednesday for ramming his suspected smuggling vessel into a U.S. Coast Guard inflatable boat, killing an officer on board off the coast of Southern California in 2012, prosecutors said.

American Samoa cannery in Buy American campaign
American Samoa – 6 February 6, 2014 – Radio New Zealand
About 1,200 cannery employees in American Samoa have signed a petition urging the US Secretary of Agriculture not to amend provisions of the Buy American Act.

Coast Guard discovers over a ton of cocaine hidden in a fishing boat
Costa Rica – 5 February 2014 – The Tico Times
Some Costa Rican fisherman thought they caught the big one Wednesday morning before the Coast Guard showed up to hook them.

US mulls sanctions over Iceland whaling
United States – 7 February 2014 – MSN NZ
The United States says Iceland is violating an international agreement through its whaling, opening the possibility of economic sanctions over the controversial hunt.

Coast Guard: Spike in foreign fishing vessel incursions in N. Pacific due to better detection
United States – 6 February 2014 – Kodiak Daily Mirror via
This year’s spike in foreign fishing incursions is based on better detection, not increased foreign fishing activity, says deputy chief of enforcement for the Coast Guard’s 17th District. In 2013 the Coast Guard documented 30 incursions into U.S. waters by foreign vessels in the Alaska area. More than half were by one South Korean trawler.

Caribbean member states of CRFM weigh in on important international case on IUU fishing
Caribbean – 6 February 2014 – Bahamas Islands Info
Seventeen member states of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) are making their voices heard in a milestone international case on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing—dubbed Case No. 21—which is being reviewed by the International Tribunal on Law of the Sea (ITLOS), based in Hamburg, Germany.


Journalist beaten to death in K Chhnang
Cambodia – 3 February 2014 – The Phnom Penh Post
A local journalist was beaten to death in Kampong Chhnang province’s Cholkiri district on Saturday night in an attack that authorities believe may have been related to his reporting on illegal fishing, police said yesterday.

Too little, too late
Fiji – 5 February 2014 – The Fiji Times
FOLLOWING confirmation that the government has reduced tuna fishing licences for 2014/2015, Fiji's tuna boat owners have welcomed the move but fear it may be a case of too little, too late for those now facing financial crises.

Palau President Tommy Remengesau declares marine sanctuary, bans all commercial fishing
Palau – 6 February 2014 – Australia News Network
Palau's President Tommy Remengesau has declared the Pacific nation will become a marine sanctuary, where no commercial fishing will take place.

Lecture highlights Pacific role in addressing IUU fishing issues
Fiji – 7 February 7, 2014 – The Fiji Times
A PUBLIC lecture based on the importance of addressing key issues surrounding illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing globally was hosted last night at USP's marine campus.

Pacific govts told give preference to local fishing fleets
Fiji – 5 February 2014 – Pacific Island News
Pacific Island governments have a responsibility to control tuna fishing in their waters, and should be giving preference to local fishing fleets instead of granting more licences to foreign fishing vessels.

Push for American Samoa to be the tuna 'hub' of the Pacific
American Samoa – 3 February 2014 – Radio New Zealand International
Tri Marine International says it wants American Samoa to be the tuna hub of the Pacific. The company, which is building a new cannery in Pago Pago, believes that smaller island countries should be delivering their catches to the local canneries rather than trying to build their own fish processing facilities.

Island nation Seychelles not immune to human traffickers, warns UN rights expert
Seychelles – 3 February 2014 –
An independent United Nations human rights expert today called on the Seychelles, an Indian Ocean island off the east coast of Africa, to prevent and fight trafficking in persons, while noting that the problem remains hidden owing to a lack of awareness.

Best season in 20 years
Australia – 4 February 2014 – Port Lincoln Times
THE 2014 tuna season is set to be the strongest in more than 20 years, according to Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association chief executive officer Brian Jeffriess.

Europe –MENA

EU Refuses to Accept VDS for its Tuna Vessels
E.U. – 7 February 7, 2014 – (access via homepage –
The European Union has refused to accept the Vessel Day Scheme (VDS) of the PNA countries for its tuna seiners fishing in the Pacific Ocean.

Kuwaiti coastguard arrests Iranian ‘drug smugglers’
Kuwait – 5 February 2014- Gulf News
The Kuwaiti coastguard arrested six suspected Iranian drug smugglers and seized their vessel when it entered the Gulf state’s territorial waters, the interior ministry said on Tuesday.

European Parliament approves fisheries agreement with Gabon
European Union – 7 February 2014 –
The European Parliament (EP) adopted the new protocol on fisheries between the European Union (EU) and Gabon, which will allow Spanish and French tuna vessels to operate in the African country fishery.

Fishing standards scheme to be improved
United Kingdom – 7 February 2014 –
A certification scheme created to raise standards in the UK catching sector is to be revised to ensure it remains fit for purpose and helps the seafood industry work towards a more transparent supply chain.

Salmon exports reach highest ever value in January
Norway – 7 February 2014 –
The value of Norwegian salmon exports in January 2014 reached NOK 3.7 billion (USD 590 million). This figure represents an increase of NOK 1 billion (USD 159.5 million) compared to January last year, and the highest ever value for the same month, according to figures from the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC).

Huge investment to fight illegal fishing
European Union – 4 February 2014 –
From 2010 to date, the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) of the European Union (EU) made 230 controls to combat illegal fishing in all Member States. According to the Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, during these four years were spent EUR 185.2 million in technology and 12,000 boats were equipped to fight illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.


FAO to help Ghana fight unregulated fishing
Ghana – 2 February 2013 – Ghana Web
The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is to support the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development (MoFAD) to address the issues of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing along the shores of the country.

Tanzanian authorities intercept ship carrying 200kg heroin
Tanzania – 5 February 2014 –
Tanzanian anti-narcotics authorities have intercepted an Iranian vessel carrying 200 kg of heroin worth about $5million and arrested eight Iranians and four Pakistanis in connection with the haul, police said on Wednesday. The reasons for this decline - which researchers and conservationists agree could get far worse over the next decade - are many and various.

Madagascar: Island Stress
Madagascar – 2 February 2014 – All Africa
The fishermen in Sarodrano, a coastal village in south-west Madagascar, complain about their steadily declining catches. "On a good day, I used to catch 15kg of fish," says Melau Feaucre Johanison, a 39-year-old fisherman. "But if it is too stormy, we don't catch anything. There are some months when there is no fish at all."


The Cost of Human Trafficking
Global – 4 February 2014 – Finance Asia
Human trafficking represents the recruitment, transport, receipt and harbouring of people for the purpose of exploiting their labor.

The World Bank: 62% of the global fish and seafood consumption to be provided by farms in 2030
Global – 7 February 2014 – World Bank Report


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