Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tuna Poetry

Delegates to the Western & Central Pacific Fisheries Commission were asked to describe how they felt the meeting was going, what they hoped to get out of the meeting, or to write a poem about WCPFC or the ocean.  There were about 300 responses; here are some of our favorites:

Beautiful Ocean
It should be full of fish
For that we work!

Very Frustrating
Tunas decline quickly but
Conservation stalls

Dream of sleep
And fish
Of sleep I wish
Ocean blue

My Pacific sea
Longlines, Tuna, Albacore
Your wealth, my future

There once was a juvenile bigeye named Jill
Who traversed the Pacific and wouldn’t stay still
In the nets of a “purse” was her ultimate fate
Where she ended up on a sashimi plate
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