Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2014: Year of the Shark Movie

Shark conservation has picked up steam in recent years. After some early successes, several of the large conservation organizations have started their own shark programs, new shark oriented campaigns have launched, and now some of the those success stories are being told in new movies set to release next year.

Of Shark and Man
Of Shark and Man uncovers the inspiring untold story of Shark Reef in Fiji, one of the greatest conservation successes of recent times, where a dead reef was brought back to life by the return of its sharks. The film follows David Diley as he investigates the story of the Reef's rebirth, its protection, Fiji's relationship with the shark as a God and explores the controversy raging around the subject of humans feeding sharks. We also see his own personal journey towards getting closer to these sharks than anyone has been before, but can he achieve his ultimate goal, an unprotected interaction with up to 100 giant Bulls? David Diley has been chronicling his metamorphosis from office worker to documentarian on his blog From the Office to the Ocean since 2010. The three teasers can be found here, here, and here.

"Of Shark and Man" - Teaser Trailer 1 from Scarlet View Media on Vimeo.

I met David in 2011, along with his crew Hamish and Hugh, during his month long shoot in Pacific Harbour, Fiji. I've been waiting for two years for this film to come out and it is now in the final stages of post production.

Extinction Soup
Extinction Soup follows documentary filmmaker Philip Waller on his quest for adventure as he sets out to tell the story of his larger-than-life friend and extreme sports legend, Jimmy Hall. The film quickly takes a surprise turn when Waller finds himself consumed with exposing to the world an environmental catastrophe in the making - the extinction of the oceans' shark population through the mass slaughter of these magnificent animals for their fins. Waller documents the efforts of conservationist Stefanie Brendl as she fights to educate lawmakers and help pass ground-breaking legislation that will curb the consumption of shark fin soup.

Peter Knights, Clayton Hee, Stefanie Brendl, and Shawn Heinrichs all appear in the trailer, a stellar bunch of shark conservationists.

FINdonesia highlights the fishing and processing aspect of both sharks and manta rays and looks at entities working with fishermen in ways that promote shark tourism and conservation. In this way creating a long term income to them as opposed to a one off sale value of the animal at the fish markets. In creating a viable model where the sharks become assets worth more alive than dead will allow the onset of shark conservation projects throughout the region.


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