Monday, August 26, 2013

Illegal Fishing Roundup II

We have banned slavery on land – how about on the ocean?
August 20, 2013 –
This is letter authored by Obiageli Ezekwesili, a member of the Global Ocean Commission, regarding the entry into force of the International Labour Organization’s Maritime Labour Convention. The Convention, which entered into force this week, sets international standards for seafarers working on fishing vessels. However, like many international conventions regarding maritime safety, it exempts fishing vessels.

EU Set to Impose Sanctions on Faroe Islands over Herring
Paris – August 21, 2013 –
The European Commission said on Tuesday that it was enacting trade sanctions, banning the import of herring and mackerel caught in Faroese waters, products made from those fish, and prohibiting Faroese vessels from landing at EU ports, against the Faroe Islands after the territory unilaterally increased its herring quota three times. The total size of the Atlantic-Scandinavian herring catch is set according to the advice of scientists to ensure the stock’s sustainability. The existing agreement between the “Coastal States,” set in 2007, gives Norway the largest quota at over 60%, Iceland 14.5%, Russia 12%, the EU 6.5% and Faroe Islands just over 5%. The Faroe Islands have long claimed their quota is too low, especially considering the fish are abundant in their fishing grounds and relatively scarce in E.U. waters. Conservations are worried that dispute will lead to a free for all of the seas and endanger the fish stock.

Faroe Islands Take EU to Tribunal over Fishing Sanctions
Faroe Islands – August 19, 2013 –
The Faroe Islands notified the EU that will be setting up an international tribune regarding the planned sanctions placed on Faroese exports of herring and mackerel.

Details of huge Chinese subsidies shock Pacific tuna industry
Australia – August 21, 2013 – ABC Australia via
China’s tuna fishing fleet in the South Pacific started to balloon 6 years ago, supported by generous Chinese subsidies. In 2012 it was reported that China Overseas Fishing Company received a subsidy of USD $ 7.8 million. The article is an interview with Charles Hufflet, Chairman of the Pacific Tuna Industry Association.

Spanish Fishermen Protest Restrictions Off Gibraltar
Madrid – August 18, 2013 –
Around 40 Spanish fishing boats confronted British police vessels in a dispute over access to the waters off Gibraltar. Tensions have escalated recently after Gibraltar’s government began to construct an artificial reef by dumping about 70 concrete blocks into the sea. Spanish fishermen have condemned the reef, saying that it is a threat to the environment.

Gambia: Illegal Fishing Activities On Sub-Regional Waters Denounced
Gambia – August 19, 2013 –
At the end of a three day national forum on port state measures, stakeholders in the fishing industry denounced illegal fishing activities by some vessels on the territorial waters of member countries of the Sub Regional Fisheries Commission (SRFC).

Animal Activists Are Trying to Save the World’s Fish From the Mafia
Europe – August 19, 2013 –

Malaysian Nature Society members can attest to cases of sharks being finned 
Malaysia – August 18, 2013 –
Members of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) can attest to cases of sharks being finned alive in the waters of Sabah and Terengganu.

New Bluefin tuna rules proposed in Atlantic, Gulf
New Orleans, US – August 22, 2013 – Wall Street Journal
NOAA has proposed new rules for Bluefin tuna in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, with the hopes of ending the practice of dumping dead Bluefin caught on hooks meant for other species.

Radar installation promises to improve security on Costa Rica’s high seas
Costa Rica – August 14, 2013 –
A $2 million radar facility is being installed on the remote Isla del Coco National Park. The Park was selected as it was the most affected by illegal fishing and the paths of drug boats.

Mauritius to receive Indian-built patrol vessel
Mauritius – August 19, 2013 –
Mauritius will take delivery of a new offshore patrol vessel next year which will be used for fighting piracy, illegal fishing and drug trafficking. The vessel was launched at a shipyard in India earlier this year.

Researchers catch Arctic Shark in Gulf of Mexico
Tallahassee, FL – August 16, 2013 –
Researchers in Florida have caught a Greenland shark in the Gulf of Mexico, in 6,000 feet of water only 15 miles from the Deepwater Horizon blowout. It is the first documented catch of a Greenland shark in the Gulf.

Pirates Move Hijacked Fishing Vessel to Somali Coast
Somalia – August 22, 2013 –
The fishing vessel Naham 3, which has been held hostage by pirates since March 2012, is on the move again and has been spotted close to the Somali coast. It is possible that the fishing vessel could be housing dozens of hostages.

Secretive orange roughy fishing in Indian Ocean comes unraveled
New Zealand – August 22, 2013 – Dow Jones via
One of New Zealand’s biggest fishing companies hid its Indian Ocean operations from competitors by renaming and reflagging a ship which it then sold to itself in tax havens.

Western Pacific 2012 tuna catch valued at over $4 billion
New Zealand – August 22, 2013 –
Catches of tuna in the western Pacific hit record levels in 2012, which when combined with record global market prices, bumped the value of the fishery to an all-time high of more than four billion US dollars.

Poachers target museums
South Africa – August 19, 2013 – The Times (South Africa)
Rhino poaching syndicates have turned to looting museums worldwide and raising the collections of trophy hunters and game farmers. In April, four stuff rhino heads were stolen from storerooms of the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin.

Local News: Capitol to Run After Illegal Fishers
Negros, Philippines – August 20, 2013 –
Two new patrol boats will be turned over to the Bantay Dagat teams of Manapla and Cauayan, as part of the administration’s renewed call to fight illegal fishermen and poachers. At least one of the patrol boats would have included a GPS but it was among those stolen at the Provincial Environment Management Office earlier this year.

Nigerian navy kills 12 pirates killed in gun battle over tanker
Yenagoa, Nigeria – August 19, 2013 –
The Nigerian navy killed 12 pirates in a gun battle as the pirates were fleeing from a fuel tanker they hijacked off the coast of the Gulf of Guinea last week.

Japan will propose 15% cut in immature Pacific Bluefin catch, US calls for 25% cut
Tokyo, Japan – August 22, 2013 – Dow Jones via
Japan will make a proposal at next month’s session of the Northern Committee meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission to reduce catch of immature Pacific Bluefin tuna by 15%. The cut would apply to fish three years and younger. The U.S. is calling for a 25% reduction in immature Bluefin catch.

Alaska Fish Factor: Volunteer Your Vessel for Electronic Monitoring Systems
US – August 19, 2013 –
This year, fishery observers are required aboard Alaska’s long line fleet of roughly 1,500 vessels, most of which are under 50 feet. Fisheries enforcement officials are calling for vessel owners to volunteer their vessels to be outfitted with electronic monitoring system (EMS), in the hopes that soon they will have an observation system based on EMS as opposed to people.

Korean-flagged vessel charged with illegal fishing in Liberia
Liberia – August 15, 2013 –
A Korean-flagged fishing vessel, the “Nine Star,” is currently under arrest in Liberia and facing millions of dollars in fines for fishing in Liberian waters without a license. The report of the arrest came from the local Community Management Association of artisanal fisherman and EJF’s community surveillance program.

Poaching puts crayfish stocks at risk
South Africa – August 20, 2013 –
Crayfish in South Africa are becoming prohibitively expensive and vanishing all together after there has been free-for-all poaching along the coast.

12 Indonesian fishermen found safe after harpooned killer whale sank boat
Indonesia – August 19, 2013 –
A fishing boat was submerged after the twelve fishermen on it harpooned an Orca whale. 4 of the fishermen managed to swim to shore and were found quickly while the other eight endured a 16 hour swim before reaching land.

Sri Lanka gets tough on illegal fishermen
Xinhua – August 22, 2013 –
The Sri Lankan government is clamping down on illegal Indian fishing after facing heavy losses from poaching. The Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Minister noted that $USD 78.9 million dollars of fish is lost from poaching in south India.

Environment and Natural Resource Crimes: The Hidden Threat to Public Safety, Natural Resources and the Environment
USA – August, 2013 –
Environment and natural resources typically are not on the radar of local police officials yet, closer examination reveals that these often hidden crimes also pose serious threats to human health, quality, and the economy.

Nation’s Fish Stocks At a Very Low Level
Kota Kinabula, Malaysia – August 22, 2013 –
Mayalsia has lost almost 92 percent of its fishery resources due to overfishing between 1971 and 2007.

Crab poaching still booming in Russia; shipments of king crab to Japan up 500%
Russia – August 22, 2013 –
Despite Russia’s efforts to fight crab poaching, its volumes are steadily growing.

Paua poacher jailed for 11 months
New Zealand – August 22, 2013 – Nelson Mail
A convicted poacher has again been sent to prison for illegal taking paua (abalone) from the Kaikoura coast of New Zealand. The poacher was sentenced to 11 months in prison yesterday.

Taiwan to donate three patrol boats to the Gambia
Taipei – August 20, 2013 – Focus Taiwan
Taiwan will donate three more patrol boats to The Gambia to help strengthen its ability to patrol its coast.

Majority of DAFF patrol vessels not ready to patrol
South Africa – August 21, 2013 –
Only two of six patrol vessels of South Africa’s Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries will be able to patrol South Africa’s exclusive economic zone later this month, as four are still undergoing maintenance.

More than 20 rescued as coal ships run aground off South Africa
South Africa – August 19, 2013 –
The M/V SMART, a merchant ship carrying coal, has run aground in rough seas off South Africa. It is the second ship this month to do so, following the bulk carrier Kiani Satu.

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