Thursday, July 18, 2013

Illegal Fishing Vessels Captured in Palau

Three fishing vessels originating from Indonesia were recently captured by Palau authorities for illegally fishing in Palau's waters. Last week, Palau marine law officers on board the HSS Remeliik seized three Indonesian fishing vessels for reportedly fishing in its waters without a valid permit. The vessels were reportedly found navigating Palau's waters on June 22nd.

A case was filed in the Supreme Court against captains and fishermen of the vessels. According to reports, Palauan authorities seized the vessels including four tons of fresh catch and equipment on board.

The Republic is demanding judgment condemning and forfeiting the vessels, fishing gears, cargo and fish catch. A trial has not yet been set for this case. In past cases, the vessels and their crew found illegally fishing in Palau's waters were released upon paying a hefty fine.
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