Friday, June 7, 2013

We're collecting donations for Marshall Islands drought relief

Alyssa Sablan and Eden Villagomez
Although we never ask for donations for our campaigns, today we sent out this email to our supporters asking them to donate to drought relief in the Marshall Islands.  Any help you can give either donating or spreading the word of our small fundraiser would be much appreciated.
Shark Defenders has worked with friends in the Marshall Islands to support their shark sanctuary, one of the largest in the world. The Marshallese have championed the protection of sharks, but today some of their islands are facing a natural disaster. Basic human needs are not being met and they need our help.


15 islands in the Marshall Islands have been experiencing drought conditions for the last several months and have run out of water. They are receiving international aid, but there is a role for the average person (that's you and me) to play. Shark Defenders has partnered up with Women United Together in the Marshall Islands to purchase water, canned goods, and powdered milk for the affected atolls. We told them we'd work with our friends and supporters to raise $1,000. We are about half way there.

We've set up an campaign to collect the money. Can you donate $5, the cost of a bottle of water?

Thank you for your support,

Eden Blanco Villagomez & Alyssa Sablan
Radio Australia interviewed Tom Vance, National Water Advisor for the Marshall Islands, who explains how the water shortage is creating unrest in the islands.  Once we finish collecting, we will have your donations delivered to the Marshall Islands by the end of this month.


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