Thursday, June 6, 2013

Congrats, Students!

Joe Soledad waited all day to testify for sharks in Guam in 2011.  He wasn't able to speak until after 10 PM.
We got a note this morning that the class of 2013 at Simon Sanchez High School in Guam will receive their diplomas on Saturday. It was two short years ago that many of these seniors helped pass the United States' third shark fin trade ban.

Joe Soledad is one of the students graduating this weekend. Joe's been featured in two shark videos. We made the above video with Shawn Heinrichs. Joe appears at the end, giving some of the best testimony shark conservation has ever seen. The below video was produced by the Pew Charitable Trusts and local Guam production company Shooting Star. Joe's featured in that one, too.

Unfortunately, all that hard work to get Guam's law (as well as nine others) in place could be unraveled by an implementing rule of the United States Shark Conservation Act that is buried in the pages of the Federal Register. Our conservation partners are conducting legal reviews and preparing ways for you to provide testimony to keep this from happening. Stay tuned.

So Joe, take the weekend to enjoy your well deserved accomplishment. But the sharks are going to need you again on Monday.

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