Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shark Defender in Training: Nick Silverstein

Nick Silverstein, third grade, 8 years old from Jackson Heights, New York has been passionate about sharks since he was three years old, questioning their types, abilities and facts. Nick has visited many aquariums and researches sharks constantly. He has become very concerned about the threat of their extinction. He is adamant about becoming a marine biologist and saving sharks throughout the world. He is writing letters to our congressman regarding laws that are in place and wants to be a part of saving sharks. Nick has joined Shark Defenders in the hopes of becoming more involved with his passion. Although Nick is just 8, his knowledge far surpasses mine in regard to sharks. He wants to become more involved in any way he can. Nick hosted a booth at a local vendor fair on Sunday, April 21. He created a tri-fold board and handed out informational material to inform others of the shark populations of the world. He also made t-shirts "Save the Species" to advertise for his cause. A local paper put Nick in the paper for his "good deed". He has collected over 500 signatures and is determined to get the 1,000 to manage his own page.

Shark Defenders has several ways for you to volunteer and suggests 10 Things You Can Do to Protect Sharks.


Anonymous said...

Great job Nick! Keep us the amazing work!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Nick!!!!!!

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