Monday, February 18, 2013

Get Your Shark Stanley Photos in NOW

The Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), a treaty somewhat like the international endangered species list, begins next Sunday on March 3, 2013.  We have collected Shark Stanley photos from 113 countries (thank you, Pakistan!) to date and have already started creating our photo petition.  If you do not see your country's flag on one of these pages, we have not received enough photos from your country to make one.  We require a minimum of 10 photos, but prefer 20, to make a collage.  If you have already sent us your photo, you can help us represent your country by taking at least 9 more Shark Stanley photos of your friends and family and mailing them to us at

Still want to do more to help?  We need citizens to contact their CITES authorities in every country (and especially South Africa, Argentina, and Chile).  Here are the five best ways to contact them.  You can start by looking up your country's CITES authorities on the CITES website.

1) Contact your CITES authority in person.  They likely won't leave for Bangkok until next week.  You can make an appointment to visit their office, show them photos of your friends, family, and fellow citizens with Shark Stanley, and ask them to support shark protections.  Person to person contact is the most effective means of advocating for shark protections.

2) Contact your CITES authority over the phone.  If you do not live in the same city as the people who will represent you at CITES, you can still call their office and ask to speak with them.  Tell them that you support shark conservation and that you went them to vote yes on the shark and manta ray proposals.  This is a highly effective means of advocating for shark protections.

3) Contact your CITES authority using email.  This is not the most effective means of reaching your representatives, but photos from you will carry more weight than photos emailed from us.  We've posted an email example from our supporter Shima Abdullah.  She sent the email to her representatives in Singapore last week.

4) Take your photo with Shark Stanley and email it to  When you are done, take photos of 10 of your closest friends and family and mail those to us, too.  We will hand deliver your photos to your representatives at the CITES meeting in Bangkok next week (and we'll post photos to prove it!).

5) Sign the many online CITES petitions from other organizations.

We expect to have some last minute scrambling right up to the end of the meeting on March 14, but can only guarantee that we will turn over your photos if you get them to us by Monday, February 25.

Thank you for your continued support!

And here's the great letter from Shima, with her photos attached at the bottom:
Dear Sir/Mdm,
Re: Sixteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties at Bangkok (Thailand), 3-14 March 2013

I would like to wish you and the Singapore representatives a safe trip and a fruitful and success Conference this March.

I am also hoping to appeal to you, to be in support of PROTECTING the following threatened / endangered species:


1. Scalloped hammerhead shark (Sphyrna lewini)
2. Oceanic whitetip (Carcharhinus longimanus)
3. Porbeagle shark (Lamna nasus)

We need your votes!

Singapore is one of the largest consumers of shark fin soup and the second largest trading center for shark fins. We have the clout to reverse this consumption trend, not just in Singapore but other Asian cities. We are a jet-set, trendsetting, cosmopolitan Asian Tiger and we have a lot of influence when it comes to political discourse, social rituals and even CUISINES in the region. We can do the right thing and help protect more shark species – it has been scientifically proven that a lot more species are threatened and endangered.

We need to set a good example in the Asia Pacific region.

There are many friends, family members and even strangers who I had a splendid opportunity to discuss about the shark fin soup controversy. I am delighted to know so many like-minded people who are also against eating shark fin soup and protecting the sharks! I would like to share some photos that my friend and I took (please see attached).

I hope you will consider my email and look forward to hear good news from you.

Enjoy yourself in Bangkok and good luck!


Shima Abdullah

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