Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Two Perspectives on Indonesian Fishermen

The Asahi Shimbun (a Japanese newspaper) published a story yesterday, Japan's fishing industry offers huge opportunities for young Indonesians.  The story explains how Indonesians are learning Japanese, attending school, and landing jobs fishing in the coastal waters around Japan.  It is a good piece of reporting and very interesting, capturing a slice of life you might not otherwise know about.  There is no mention of sharks, but there is discussion about the fish processing plant in Kesennuma, the one time shark fishing capital of the world.  Kesennuma was flatted by the 2011 tsunami and several Indonesians working there survived the tragedy.  The Daily Yomiuri reports that the fishery in the region is approximately half what it was prior to the tsunami.

The story published two days ago on Stuff, Taiwanese fishing boats a threat to killer sharks, is a bit sensationalist.  First of all, oceanic whitetips and silky sharks are not killer sharks.  But it does have some important messages and is worth the read.
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