Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Take the Shark Stanley Challenge

Bronze shark bracelets courtesy of iDesignworks/Louise Chong
We’re on the lookout for the “best of” Shark Stanley and are offering prizes to the winners. We have three categories, and the winner of each will receive a unique bronze shark bracelet made by Canadian artist Louise Chong (retail value $250) and official certification as a Shark Stanley Global Ambassador.

Shark Stanley agrees: It's more fun in the Philippines.
Best ‘Shark Stanley’ Photo
We are looking for the single photo that will represent the global youth of the world and their wish to protect sharks at CITES. Elements that will go into the winning photo are: (1) smiling, happy people; (2) photos with celebrities; (3) iconic locations in the background; (4) artistic quality of the photo; (5) likes; (6) shares; and (7) comments. Email up to five entries to info@sharkdefenders.com. Our editors will pick their favorites and upload them to an album on Shark Defenders Facebook page (we encourage you to have your friends like, share, and comment on the photo). A winner will be chosen on February 14, 2013. Points will be deducted for: (1) photos with no people; and (2) doctored photos (i.e. using photoshop instead of an actual cutout of Shark Stanley).

For example, when Shark Defenders was trying to get the Obama Administration to respond to our shark petition on We The People, we posted a photo of Barack Obama on a skateboard with nunchaku jumping over a shark while dodging an exploding helicopter. We think this photo might be doctored, so we would not consider it for this contest.

Best ‘Shark Stanley’ Facebook Album
Create an album on your Facebook page and upload photos of your friends and family holding Shark Stanley. Email the album link to info@sharkdefenders.com (make sure the album is public; if we can’t see it, we can’t judge it). We’ll pick the best album on February 14, 2013.

Consideration will be given to: (1) number of photos with different people; (2) number of people tagged in the album; (3) likes; (4) shares; (5) comments; and (6) photos from multiple countries. We encourage you to have your friends like, share, and comment on the album. Points will be deducted for: (1) photos with no people; (2) and doctored photos (i.e. using photoshop instead of an actual cutout of Shark Stanley)..

Best ‘Shark Stanley’ Media
Media, whether it is YouTube, television, blog, or print, will help Shark Stanley travel around the world. This category is intended for our partners, but is open to the general public. Create a YouTube video, blog, or appear on television or in the newspaper and send us the link at info@sharkdefenders.com. Consideration will be given to: (1) global reach of the media; (2) creativity of the piece; (3) resulting web traffic at www.sharkdefenders.com from the media. We’ll pick the best media after the CITES meeting on March 31, 2013.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@sharkdefenders.com. We reserve the right to alter the rules and/or cancel this contest at any time.


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