Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Progress at the WCPFC

Fishing port in Manila.
Delegates to the 9th Regular Session of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission in Manila, Philippines were asked to describe how the week long meeting was progressing in one word or one sentence.  The following lists the answers in the order they were received.  Enjoy.
Rough. Complex, long, and too much air-conditioning. Watching Paint Dry. Good. Lame. Informative. Very Informative. Nowhere to land. Need to aim for only sustainable fishing. Great shirt. Save tuna. Very successful. Inspiring. Tiring, but worthwhile. Stepless. Glacial disappointment. Tense. Very manageable. Glacial pace. Yes we can! Longwinded. Slow. We will get a measure in place! No option. Hard work for another year. Slow. Very exciting. Unbelievable. Too many appeals and too little progress. Great. Turn the switch! Hard. Awesome and exciting. No fishing for tuna and dolphin for five years. Effective in business. Wonderful discussion. Frustrating. Still an issue to address coastal water issue. No FADs. Well attended. Flipped the switch. PNA needs to stand up for the fisheries. As expected. Very interesting. Nice discussions and opinions. Yay for whale sharks. Love our environment. Need to conserve. A great initiative for a sustainable fishing in the Pacific. No illegal fishing. Very good! Unity for all member countries. Save the tuna. Gratifying. Heated and spirited exchanges. Very good. Great work. Whale shark. Awesome. Slow. I think some of the points are not discussed well enough by members. Knowledgeable. Bloody. A lot of issues to be solved. Development of tuna business. Good luck. Frustrating! No efficiency. Informative. Bad: FADs and no reference points. Good: CMMs. For tomorrow’s tuna. Hopeful. Very interesting. Lousy. A big help to solve problems especially on the part of high seas. Awesome. Still a lot of work to move forward. Do better to monitor. Better to protect tuna. Great. Huge hall, excellent arrangement. Challenging and interesting. LRP and TRP is a must. Mind draining. Make decisions. Awesome. Decisions! Mabuhay WCPFC! Save tuna. Save tuna. This WCPFC successful. Tiring. Bullshit. Just hope they close the pockets. Direction. Get serious. Management of tuna in WCPFC. Will WCPFC care for albacore before it’s too late? Very interesting. Conservation of tuna. Better to protect. Nobody cares about the fish. Not enough! Mabuhay! Absorbing. Tiring. Fun. Success. Just talk, no action. Frustrating.
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