Friday, July 27, 2012

Shark Attack Survivors for Shark Conservation

Left to right: Karen Sack, Mike Coots, Al Brenneka, Debbie Salamone, Krishna Thompson, and Jill Hepp.
On Wednesday, July 25, Shark Attack Survivors for Shark Conservation joined the Pew Environment Group and Discovery Channel to premiere Shark Fight, an hour long documentary featuring the survivors and their efforts to protect endangered shark species.  The show that will play on Shark Week this year.

The premiere was held in Washington, DC and four members of the group, Mike Coots, Al Brenneka, Debbie Salamone, and Krishna Thompson, were in attendence to meet the crowd and answer questions afterwards.  Photos of the event are posted on Facebook, and here is more from the Pew Environment Group:

Video Link

Shark attack survivors from around the globe have joined the Pew Environment Group’s effort to restore and conserve the world’s dwindling shark populations. Despite terrifying attacks and grave injuries, the survivors recognize that these predators are in peril, a situation that puts the ocean and all its marine life at risk.

The shark attack survivors are pressing world leaders to act for shark conservation. So far, the survivors have been instrumental in persuading the U.S. Congress to close loopholes in the nation’s shark finning ban—a law signed by President Obama in 2011. They have supported leaders, including the presidents of Palau and Honduras, who declared their waters shark sanctuaries. And the survivors have visited the United Nations to urge countries to develop shark sanctuaries, conservation plans, and similar measures.

The group of more than a dozen is organized by Pew’s Debbie Salamone, herself a survivor of a shark attack. Others in the group come from the United States, Europe, Australia, and South Africa. They include a school principal, a Wall Street banker, an Australian navy diver, and a professional photographer. Some have lost arms or legs, yet they harbor no animosity toward their attackers and believe they are uniquely qualified to call for shark protections.


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Wow! I never thought it is that tragic facing a shark one-on-one. I feel for you guys, and I congratulate the survivors for their bravery. After going through this post, I am now more than interested to learn how to survive a shark attack. Here is another great post I read on shark attacks:

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