Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Meaning of Awesome: 42 Shark Tattoos

Wow. Talk about a response. We asked you to send in pictures of your shark tattoos and you delivered in droves. Here are 42 shark tattoos from our Shark Defender supporters. Check out more tattoos on Facebook, Flickr, and Pinterest.  And if you want us to share your tattoo, email a photo of it to (by emailing the photo you give us permission to use it).

And if you agree that sharks are awesome and need protections, take the Shark Defenders Pledge and help us advocate for shark sanctuaries and proper management of shark and ray species across the globe.

And please join our email list so that you can help us protect endangered shark populations.  After you sign up we will send you a confirmation email, and we will never ask you for money.


Anonymous said...

hi everyone, when we read the bible in Leviticus 19 verse 28 it says " do not cut your bodies nor tattoos, for the blood is life.

S.Stern said...

you forgot -

Woman and her hammerheads! ^u^

RedDeathMasquerade666 said...

These shark tattoos are awesome! I think I might get one!

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