Friday, May 18, 2012

Are You Saying Mickey Mouse Looks Evil?

Guest Blog
by Anju Sabu

Several people ask me why I like sharks. When I ask them why they don't, some of them have said that it's because sharks have these black dots for eyes which look cold, dead and serial-killery. The comeback didn't pop-up right away because I only realised some days later just how many of the great cartoon characters had such eyes. No one calls these characters scary looking and didn't the new Tintin movie raise some questions about how his humanized blue eyes made him look expressionless when compared to his original black dot (that's right) eyes? 

I [deliberately] drew these characters with flaws so that you'd know I didn't trace them. To give credit where credit is due, the characters are:

1. Classic Mickey Mouse
2. Lego guy
3. Tintin (he's so hard to draw) - HergĂ©
4. Benny from Top Cat (Hanna-Barbera)
5. Barney Rubble from The Flintstones (Hanna-Barbera)
6. Snoopy - Charles M.Schulz
7. Zebra - Stephan Pastis
8. Little Miss Sunshine - Roger Hargreaves
9. Greg Heffley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) - Jeff Kinney
10. Dennis the Menace - Hank Ketcham

So, stop being an eye-ist! (since we're being ridiculous about the "ists" anyway)

Oh, Dakuwaqa! is comic strip by Anju Sabu.  Reprinted with permission from the artist.  Follow the adventures of The Shark on the Oh, Dakuwaqa blog and on Facebook.

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