Monday, April 30, 2012

Interview With a Shark Fin Driver

This clip from Shark Hope features a truck driver from Suva, Fiji who would transfer shark fins from the tuna boats at port to warehouses.  In the interview he discusses the prices traders are getting for sharks, but laments that indigenous Fijians living on isolated islands are getting as little as a bag of sugar for their fins.  Shark Hope in its entirety can be viewed on Youtube.

Sharks in Fiji are important for their economic, environmental, and cultural value.  A recent study by the Australian Institute of Marine Science determined that sharks are worth $75 million to Fiji's tourism economy.  In today's Fiji Times, a tourism operator discusses the environmental importance:
Save sharks

I am writing to you today and asking you to help us plead with the Fiji government to save our priceless sharks by banning all shark fining and shark fishing.

Sharks take part in a major role in keeping our ocean life in balance. Without sharks, the quality and diversity of marine life will be negatively affected, destroying our oceans.

Every month in Fiji, over 26,000 sharks are killed for their fins. This is appalling and needs to come to an end. Scientists have also shown that eating shark fins damages our nervous system and causes cancer. Sharks have been living on this planet since before the dinosaurs, yet we are destroying their population at an alarming rate with each passing year. I cannot urge you and your team enough to help Fiji save its sharks by supporting a shark sanctuary for all of Fiji. Help us demand that the government pass laws to protect sharks before it's too late. Thanks for your time and much needed support!

You can show your support for protecting Fiji's sharks by taking the Fiji Shark Pledge.

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