Friday, March 2, 2012

What's Your Favorite Shark Name?

Great whiteshark
Here's a full list of common names of shark species (we're sparing you the latin names). Of the 480 species of sharks assessed by the IUCN Red List, 1/3 are threatened or near threatened with extinction. Nearly half lack the data needed to make an accurate assesment of their conservation status.

We encourage you to learn about these shark species and their conservation status. It will make you a stronger advocate. You can read all about every single species of shark by navigating the IUCN Red List website at Run a search for CHONDRICHTHYES, and the results will pull up 1083 species of chimeras, rays, skates, guitar fish, and of course, sharks.

So, what is your favorite common name for a shark species? Leave your answer and explain why in the comments of this blog post.
African Angelshark
African Lanternshark
African Ribbontail Catshark
African Sawtail Catshark
American Sawshark
Angel Shark
Angular Angelshark
Angular Rough Shark
Antilles Catshark
Arabian Carpetshark
Arabian Catshark
Arabian Smoothound
Argentine Angel Shark
Arrowhead Dogfish
Atlantic Angel Shark
Atlantic False Catshark
Atlantic Sawtail Catshark
Atlantic Sharpnose Shark
Atlantic Weasel Shark
Australian Angel Shark
Australian Blacktip Shark
Australian Sawtail Shark
Australian Sharpnose Shark
Australian Spotted Catshark
Australian Swell Shark
Australian Weasel Shark
Austrliana Marbled Catshark
Azores Dogfish
Bali Catshark
Banded Catshark
Banded Catshark
Banded Houndshark
Banded Wobbegong
Barbeled Houndshark
Barbelthroat Carpetshark
Bareskin Dogfish
Bartail Spurdog
Basking Shark
Beige Catshark
Bigeye Dwarf Shark
Bigeye Houndshark
Bigeye Sand Tiger
Bigeye Thresher Shark
Bigeyed Sixgill Shark
Bighead Catshark
Bignose Shark
Black Dogfish
Black Roughscale Catshark
Black Spotted Catfish
Blackbelly Lanternshark
Blackfin Gulper Shark
Blackgill Catshark
Blackmouth Catshark
Blackmouth Lantern Shark
Blacknose Shark
Blackspot Shark
Blackspotted Catshark
Blackspotted Smoothhound
Blacktailed Spurdog
Blacktip Reef Shark
Blacktip Sawtail Catshark
Blacktip Shark
Blacktip Topeshark
Blotched Catshark
Blotched Catshark
Blue Shark
Bluegrey Carpetshark
Bluntnose Sixgill Shark
Blurred Smooth Lanternshark
Boa Catshark
Bonnethead Shark
Borneo Shark
Bowmouth Guitarfish
Bramble Shark
Brazilian Sharpnose Shark
Bristled Lantern Shark
Bristly Catshark
Broadbanded Lanternshark
Broadfin Sawtail Catshark
Broadfin Shark
Broadgill Catshark
Broadhead Catshark
Broadmouth Catshark
Broadnose Catshark
Broadnose Sevengill Shark
Broadsnout Lanternshark
Bronze Whaler
Brown Catfish
Brown Catshark
Brown Catshark
Brown Shyshark
Brown Smoothhound
Brownbanded Bamboo Shark
Bull Shark
Burmese Bambooshark
California Horn Shark
Campeche Catshark
Caribbean Lanternshark
Caribbean Reef Shark
Caribbean Roughshark
Caribbean Sharpnose Shark
Carter Gilbert's Lanternshark
Chain Catshark
Chilean Catshark
Clouded Angelshark
Cloudy Catshark
Cobbler Carpet Shark
Collared Carpet Shark
Common Sawfish
Common Smoothhound
Common Thresher Shark
Comoro Catshark
Cookiecutter Shark
Cook's Swellshark
Coral Catshark
Cosmopoliton Spurdog
Creek Whaler
Crested Port Jackson Shark
Crocodile Shark
Cuban Dogfish
Cuban Ribbontail Catshark
Cyrano Spurdog
Daggernose Shark
Deepwater Catshark
Deepwater Catshark
Deepwater Sicklefin Hound Shark
Deepwater Spiny Dogfish
Densescale Lanternshark
Draughtboard Shark
Dusky Catshark
Dusky Shark
Dusky Smoothhound
Dwarf Catshark
Dwarf Catshark
Dwarf Gulper Shark
Dwarf Lanternshark
Dwarf Ornate Wobbegong
Dwarf Sawtail Catshark
Dwarf Spotted Wobbegong
Eastern Angel Shark
Eastern Banded Catshark
Eastern Highfin Spurdog
Eastern Longnose Spurdog
Eastern Spotted Gummy Shark
Elephant Shark
Elongate Carpetshakr
Epaulette Shark
False Pygmy Shark
Fat Catshark
Fatspine Spurdog
Filetail Catshark
Fintooth Shark
Flagtail Swellshark
Flapnose Houndshark
Flathead Catshark
Floral Banded Wobbegong
Freckled Catshark
Frilled Shark
Fringefin Lanternshark
Frog Shark
Galapagos Bullhead Shark
Galapagos Shark
Ganges Shark
Geko Catshark
Ghost Catshark
Ginger Carpet Shark
Goblin Shark
Graceful Shark
Granular Dogfish
Gray Reef Shark
Gray Smoothhound
Great Lanternshark
Great White Shark
Green Lanternshark
Greeneye Spurdog
Grey Bamboo Shark
Grey Gummy Shark
Grey Sharpnose Shark
Grinning Izak
Gulf Catshark
Gulf of Mexico Smoothhound
Gulper Shark
Happy Eddie
Hardnose Shark
Harrison's Deepsea Dogfish
Herlequin Catshark
Highfin Dogfish
Hoary Catshark
Honeycomb Izak
Hooded Carpet Shark
Hooktooth Dogfish
Hooktooth Shark
Humpback Catshark
Humpback Smoothhound
Icelandic Catshark
Indian Swellshark
Indonesian Bambooshark
Indonesian Shortsnout Spurdog
Indonesian Speckled Carpet Shark
Indonesian Speckled Catshark
Irrawaddy River Shark
Izak Catshark
Izu Catshark
Japanese Angelshark
Japanese Bullhead Shark
Japanese Catshark
Japanese Roughshark
Japanese Sawshark
Japanese Shortnose Spurdog
Japanese Spurdog
Japanese Swellshark
Japanese Topeshark
Japanese Velvet Dogfish
Japanese Wobbegong
Jordon's Blue Dogshark
Kermadec Spiny Dogfish
Kitefin Shark
Knifetooth Dogfish
Knifetooth Sawfish
Large Sleeper Shark
Largenose Catshark
Largespine Velvet Dogfish
Largetooth Cookiecutter Shark
Largetooth Sawfish
Largetooth Sawfish
Lemon Shark
Leopard Catshark
Leopard Shark
Leopard Shark
Leopardspotted Swellshark
Lined Lantern Shark
Lined Lanternshark
Little Sleeper Shark
Lizard Catshark
Lollipop Catshark
Longfin Catshark
Longfin Mako
Longfin Sawtail Catshark
Longhead Catshark
Longnose Catshark
Longnose Hound Shark
Longnose Pygmy Shark
Longnose Sawshark
Longnose Sawtail Catshark
Longnose Spurdog
Longnose Velvet Dogfish
Longsnouth Dogfish
Lowfin Gulper Shark
Mandarin Shark
McMillan's Catshark
Megamouth Shark
Mexican Hornshark
Mosaic Gulper Shark
Mouse Catshark
Narrowbar Swellshark
Narrowfin Smooth Hound
Narrowmouth Catshark
Narrownose Smoothhound
Narrowsnout Sawfish
Narrowtail Catshark
Nervous Shark
Network Wobbegong
New Caledonia Catshark
New Guinea River Shark
New Zealand Catshark
Night Shark
Northern Sawtail Shark
Northern Spiny Dogfish
Northern Wobbegong
Nurse Shark
Oceanic Whitetip Shark
Ocellate Topeshark
Ocellated Angelshark
Oman Bullhead Shark
Onefin Catshark
Orange Spotted Catshark
Ornate Angel Shark
Ornate Dogfish
Pacific Angel Shark
Pacific Black Dogfish
Pacific Sharpnose Shark
Pacific Sleeper Shark
Pale Catshark
Pale Spotted Catshark
Panama Ghost Catshark
Papuan Epaulette Shark
Pelagic Thresher
Peppered Catshark
Phallic Catshark
Philippines Spurdog
Pigeye Shark
Piked Dogfish
Pink Lantern Shark
Pinocchio Catshark
Plunket's Dogfish
Pocket Shark
Polkadot Catshark
Pondicherry Shark
Port Jackson Shark
Portuguese Dogfish
Pretty Happy
Prickly Dogfish
Pygmy Lantern Shark
Pygmy Ribbontail Catshark
Pygmy Shark
Pyjama Shark
Quagga Catshark
Queensland Sawfish
Rasptooth Dogfish
Reticulate Swellshark
Reticulated Swellshark
Ridgebacked Bamboo Shark
Rough Longnose Dogfish
Roughskin Catshark
Roughskin Dogfish
Roughskin Spiny Dogfish
Roughtail Catshark
Rusty Carpet Shark
Rusty Catshark
Saddled Carpet Shark
Saddled Swellshark
Sailback Houndshark
Sailfin Roughshark
Salamander Catshark
Saldanha Catshark
Salmon Shark
Sand Tiger
Sandbar Shark
Sarawak Pygmy Swell Shark
Sawback Angelshark
Scalloped Bonnethead
Scalloped Hammerhead
Scoophead Shark
Seychelles Gulper Shark
Seychelles Spurdog
Sharpfin Houndshark
Sharpnose Sevengill Shark
Sharptooth Lemon Shark
Sharptooth Smoothhound
Sherwood Dogfish
Shortfin Mako
Shortnose Demon Catshark
Shortspine Spurdog
Shorttail Lanternshark
Shorttail Nurse Shark
Shovelnose Spiny Dogfish
Sickle Fin Weasel Shark
Sicklefin Hound Shark
Sicklefin Smoothhound
Silky Shark
Silver Shark
Silvertip Shark
Sixgill Sawshark
Slender Catshark
Slender Hammerhead
Slender Sawtail Shark
Slender Smoothhound
Slender Weasel Shark
Slendertail Lanternshark
Small Spotted Catshark
Smallbelly Catshark
Smalldorsal Catshark
Smalleye Catshark
Smalleye Hammerhead Shark
Smalleye Lanternshark
Smalleye Pygmy Shark
Smalleye Smoothhound
Smallfin Catshark
Smallfin Gulper Shark
Smallmouth Velvet Dogfish
Smalltail Shark
Smalltooth Sand Tiger Shark
Smooth Hammerhead
Smooth Lanternshark
Smoothback Angel Shark
Smoothtooth Blacktip Shark
Snaggletooth Shark
Sombre Catshark
South China Catshark
South China Cookiecutter Shark
South Pacific Angel Shark
Southern Collared Catshark
Southern Lantern Shark
Southern Lanternshark
Southern Sawshark
Southern Sawtail Catshark
Spadenose Shark
Sparsetooth Dogfish
Spatulasnout Catshark
Speartooth Shark
Speckled Carpet Shark
Speckled Catshark
Speckled Smoothhound
Spinner Shark
Spinous Shark
Spiny Angel Shark
Splendid Lanternshark
Spongehead Catshark
Spotless Catshark
Spotless Smoothhound
Spottail Shark
Spotted Gully Shark
Spotted Houndshark
Spotted Smoothhound
Spotted Swellshark
Spotted Wobbegong
Squatheaded Hammerhead Shark
Starry Catshark
Starry Smoothhound
Steindachner's Dogfish
Stout Catshark
Straighttooth Weasel Shark
Striped Smoothhound
Sweet William
Swell Shark
Taillight Shark
Tailspot Lantern Shark
Taiwan Angelshark
Taiwan Gulper Shark
Taiwan Saddled Carpetshark
Tasselled Wobbegong
Tawny Nurse Shark
Thorny Lanternshark
Tiger Catshark
Tiger Shark
Tropical Izak Catshark
Tropical Sawshark
Variegated Catshark
Velvet Belly Lanternshark
Velvet Catshark
Venezuelan Dwarf Smoothhound
Viper Dogfish
West African Catshark
West Indian Lanternshark
Western Angel Shark
Western Gulper Shark
Western Highfin Spurdog
Western Longnose Spurdog
Western Longnose Spurdog
Western Spotted Catshark
Western Spotted Gummy Shark
Western Wobbegong
Whale Shark
Whiskery Shark
White Clasper Catshark
White Ghost Catshark
Whiteeyed Shark
Whitefin Dogfish
Whitefin Smoothhound
Whitefin Swellshark
Whitefin Topeshark
Whitely's Sleeper Shark
Whitenose Shark
Whitesaddled Catshark
Whitespot Smoothhound
Whitespotted Bamboo Shark
Whitespotted Bullhead Shark
Whitespotted Izak
Whitetail Dogfish
Whitetip Reef Shark
Whitetip Weasel Shark
Whitish Catshark
Wide Sawfish
Widemouth Blackspot Shark
Yellowspotted Catshark
Zebra Port Jackson Shark

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