Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012 Guam Sand Shark Festival

I hope this works. We haven't done as good a job using Flickr as we should (mostly we upload photos to Facebook and/or Blogger). So here's an embedded widget with photos from the sand shark sculpture contest held on Guam this weekend (and here is the link if the widget doesn't work on your computer).

Guam is celebrating the one year anniversary of their shark fin ban and students have been reminding their community how important sharks are to the ecosystem. Students from Simon Sanchez High School held a road side "wave" two weeks ago, and today students from Simon Sanchez, George Washington, and John F. Kennedy High Schools collaborated on "Shark Fins in the Sand," an art project to depict how many sharks are killed each year. The students created 730 handmade shark fins to represent the 73 million sharks estimated to be killed each year (Clarke et al, 2006). Each fins represents 100,000 sharks, the number of sharks killed every 12 hours.

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