Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 Beneath the Waves Film Festival

Exciting news! We just got word that Sharkwater Saipan has been accepted as an entry into the 2012 Beneath the Waves Film Festival in Norfolk, Virginia.

From the organizers:
We are honored to notify you that your film, “Sharkwater Saipan” was selected for showcase at this year’s main event on March 23, 2012, in Norfolk, Virginia. Your film was chosen because it combined elements of storytelling, research, and conservation. We are excited to show your piece to a large audience of marine scientists next week. Our film festival is also going on tour in the US and abroad in the Summer and Fall 2012.

Next week we will have all of the films being shown simultaneously in two rooms (an IMAX theatre, and a smaller theatre), in two successive 90-minute sessions. An official schedule will be available online shortly. Your film will be reviewed at the event by a panel of judges for the “Best Message” and “Best Amateur Film” awards. There will also be a People’s Choice award for the films screened in the IMAX theatre.
We'll have more information in the upcoming days, but wanted to let all of you know that we've been entered. More information is available on the Beneath the Waves website.

We want to thank our collaborators on this project. Rob Stewart directed, Shawn Heinrichs filmed, and Duane Trow edited. Of course, Kathy Pagapular's 6th grade class at San Vicente Elementary School starred. Congrats and thanks!

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