Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day from Ted Williams and @sharkdefenders

Earlier this week, Kraft (makers of everyone's bright yellow mac & cheesy goodness) made a Youtube video starring Ted Williamsthe man with the golden voice—and asked followers to send Tweets to the ones they love hashmarked with #voiceoflove. For every #voiceoflove Tweet sent, KRAFT promised to donate 100 boxes of mac & cheese—up to 100,000 boxes—to Feeding America.

Thus inspired, we sent out these gems:
I won't be your valentine if you bring me shark fin soup. #voiceoflove @sharkdefenders

Bull sharks show their love by biting their partners with their massive jaws. Aren't you glad you're not a bull shark? #voiceoflove @sharkdefenders

If you'll be my valentine, I'll ask a thresher shark to stun some mackerel with his tail for our dinner #voiceoflove @sharkdefenders

I love you all more than a whale shark loves phytoplankton. Yum! #voiceoflove @sharkdefenders
To top it off, Kraft and Ted promised to read their favorites and post them to Youtube. And guess who was picked as one of the winning tweets?

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