Friday, January 6, 2012

Top 10 Chuck Norris Shark Facts

In an attempt to generate broader interest in sharks, Shark Defenders is going to create a series of Top 10 Lists for Sharks. These lists will be informative and well-researched and will hopefully bring more people into our cause. Our first Top 10 List, however, is nothing of the sort. Inspired by the world famous Chuck Norris Facts, here are the Top 10 Chuck Norris Shark Facts, in no particular order:
1. Sharks have a week dedicated to Chuck Norris.

2. Sharks are apex predators only because Chuck Norris doesn’t hunt sharks.

3. Most fish in the sea evolved in response to predation from sharks. Sharks evolved in response to Chuck Norris.

4. There are over 400 species of shark because Chuck Norris wants it that way.

5. It took 400 million years for sharks to develop 7 senses. Chuck Norris gave sharks a well-developed sense of fear the first time he went swimming.

6. When sharks encounter Chuck Norris they are taught to remain calm and slowly swim away.

7. Chuck Norris was originally cast as the lead in Jaws, but producers wanted the film to be longer than 2 minutes.

8. Chuck Norris’ beard is revered in many indigenous shark cultures.

9. Sharks are most active at dusk because that is when Chuck Norris calls his mother.

10. Sharks can smell one drop of Chuck Norris from a mile away, but by then it is often too late.
Feel free to leave more "facts" in the comments of this blog or on our Facebook Page. And we're looking for suggestions on our next Top 10 lists, so feel free to make them.


Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris must be God

Julie Wright said...

Chuck Norris is the reason sharks have to change their teeth regularly.

jaywalker said...

When sharks show off they jump Chuck Norris.

Anonymous said...

The Chuck Norris jokes have "jumped the shark." You better find a new, up-to-date meme if you want to really get people interested. There are actual websites that fun of people still trying to ride the Chuck Norris bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Last year, 4 people died from shark bites. In response, 4,000 sharks died from Chuck Norris bites.

Shark Defenders said...

@Anonymous 4:02 PM

Actually, the Chuck Norris bandwagon is alive in well. Within an hour of posting, this blog became our #1 for the last month and is on pace to become one of our top 10 blogs of the last year.

Funny how things work. You spend hours and hours researching and writing some posts, and then a few Chuck Norris jokes get more attention.

We're just having a little fun...

Anonymous said...

I was only trying to help by pointing it out, sorry, I won't offer advice. I just read an article recently about new year's stuff, what's in and out, and they mentioned the Chuck Norris jokes and then there were links to VERY POPULAR sites making fun of people who still try and use them. I was just relaying the information. I am glad the jokes worked to bring more of your readers to this particular blog post.

brandonkrueger said...

That information shortly later deleted itself in fear of Chuck Norris' rath

Anonymous said...

Before the dinosaurs, Megalodon was the foremost apex predator of its time, but legend has it, it went extinct soon after Chuck Norris decided to go fishing.

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