Thursday, January 5, 2012

Educating the Chinese Masses

Last year, several of our supporters donated photos to Humane Society International for use in a photo exhibit in Beijing, China:
Humane Society International and the Jane Goodall Institute China's Roots & Shoots Beijing program have teamed up with the Beijing Zoo to promote shark protection with a photo exhibit that showcases these magnificent creatures.

A wide range of Chinese animal welfare and conservation groups, media professionals, businesses and students joined HSI and JGI China representatives at a press conference held at the Zoo to launch the exhibit and to enlist public support for shark protection.
The BBC covered the exhibit in an article back in September:
The Jane Goodall Institute has had an exhibition of gory photographs at Beijing Zoo, next to the tropical bird house.

It showed sharks swimming majestically through the water alongside graphic pictures of fishermen cutting off their fins.

The aim was to remind people of the cost paid by sharks for a bowl of soup, which can sell for $100 (£64) each.

"There is this myth in China that sharks will regenerate their fins, but that's not true. They actually die a very slow, painful and cruel death," said Lei Chen Wong, the institute's executive director in China.

The photographs had an impact on some of the people at the exhibition.

"I was very moved by that particular photo," said Li Zhongwen, pointing to a picture showing a row of dead sharks, minus their fins.

"People really are the cruellest (sic) animals," added the 20-year-old student.
Thanks to all of you for continuing to support our efforts around the world (only in today's world could supporters in French Polynesia, Honduras, and England donate photos for an exhibit in China!) and Congrats to HSI and the Jane Goodall Institute for a successful outreach event.

Several Shark Defenders donated photos for this exhibit including Joe Daniels, Israel Sánchez Alcántara, Rodolph Holler, and Enrico Nanni. You can learn how to donate high-quality, royalty-free photos to support our advocacy efforts on the Shark Defenders blog.

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