Monday, December 12, 2011

Que se prohíba la importación de aletas de tiburón

Our friends in Costa Rica have asked for support in banning the importation of shark fins (in English and Espanol). A petition is available online.  Please download the petition, sign, and either email, mail, or fax it in.
We the undersigned, respectfully request that the importation of shark fins be immediately banned through a Presidential Decree, to close the legal loophole and direct Costa Rica towards a sustainable fishery. Foreign fleets are currently evading Costa Rican shark finning controls by landing shark fins in Nicaragua, loading them in Costa Rican trucks, and then importing them back into Costa Rica by land through Peñas Blancas, for later reexportation.
A full page add was published in the Costa Rican newspaper, La Nación, to support this effort. Here it is in Spanish:


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It's good to know that there are organizations working to stop the carnage. Sharks are an important part of the environment. Also, an underwater dive just wouldn't be the same without them.

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