Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shark Shoot, Fiji

Shark Shoot, Fiji will premier on the Travel Channel this Sunday, December 18 at 9 PM EST.  Hat tip to Mother Nature News:
A new show on the Travel Channel is airing this Sunday (9 PM EST/6 PM PST) and it has a novel premise: send a team of high-end Hollywood photographers to a series of remote locations and recreate a professional photography studio underwater. To this end, the team has pioneered new camera rigs, shooting platforms and lighting equiopment that supplies the kind of high-voltage illumination normally reserved for the cover of high-fashion magazines like Vanity Fair. 
In their first shoot in Fiji, Muller and his team descend 70 feet where they find and photograph over 8 varieties of sharks. One of their goals is to finally put a face on these elusive creatures who in many regions are struggling to survive with increasing pressures from shark-fin hunters, overfishing and changes in ocean temperature. 
The airing of this show comes as Fiji is contemplating permanent protections for all shark species, and coming fresh on the heels of shark champion Alisi Rabukawaqa being crowned Miss South Pacific, raises the issue of shark protections in Fiji to new heights.

You can support shark conservation efforts in Fiji and the rest of the South Pacific by taking the Fiji Shark Defenders Pledge.  Sign up and you will receive periodic updates on the progress of the Fiji Shark Sanctuary and how you can help.

Pew Environment Group and Coral Reef Alliance have more information on their respective websites.

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