Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We Ni Yava: The Sharkman Dives with Sharks

Our Champion for the shark conservation awareness campaign in Fiji is Manoa "The Sharkman" Rasagitale. During the week, Manoa is an environmental advocate with the Coral Reef Alliance, but on the weekends Monoa stars in his own reality television program, We Ni Yava.

We Ni Yava is Fijian for "footsteps," and every Monday night viewers on MaiTV follow him as he goes on an adventure somewhere around the country.  In this episode, Manoa goes diving with the bull sharks in Beqa Lagoon with AquaTrek Fiji.

The Sharkman actually filmed two episodes in Beqa Lagoon. The first episode was learning to dive. The second episode was diving with sharks.

Here are the links:

Learning to Dive, Part 1
Learning to Dive, Part 2
Learning to Dive, Part 3

Diving with Sharks, Part 1
Diving with Sharks, Part 2
Diving with Sharks, Part 3

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Unknown said...

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