Friday, August 19, 2011

Humane Society International and the Jane Goodall Institute China Join to Protect Sharks

Whale Shark, Seychelles.  Photo: Joe Daniel.
Humane Society International and the Jane Goodall Institute China's Roots & Shoots Beijing program have teamed up with the Beijing Zoo to promote shark protection with a photo exhibit that showcases these magnificent creatures.

A wide range of Chinese animal welfare and conservation groups, media professionals, businesses and students joined HSI and JGI China representatives at a press conference held at the Zoo to launch the exhibit and to enlist public support for shark protection.

Horn Shark, Guadalupe Island, Mexico.  Photo: Photo: Israel Sánchez Alcántara.
The exhibit, entitled "The Price Behind the Taste - Protect Sharks, Don't Eat Shark Fins," consists of captivating images of sharks swimming in the ocean followed by dramatic photos of fins being cut off of live sharks to make shark fin soup. The unmistakable message is that the human appetite for shark fins has devastating consequences for sharks.

Grey Reef Sharks, French Polynesia.  Photo: Rodolph Holler, Tahiti Private Expeditoins.
"Humane Society International is pleased to partner with the Jane Goodall Institute China and its extensive grassroots network consisting of hundreds of Roots & Shoots groups across the country," said Iris Ho, HSI's wildlife campaigns manager. "As the world's largest market for shark fins, China plays a crucial role in the survival of shark species at risk of extinction. Support for shark protection in China is urgently needed - and this exhibit along with our other activities with JGI-China are a first yet significant step to build that support."

"Vital to healthy oceans, sharks are being overfished and their fins severed for trade," added Lei Chen Wong, JGI China's executive director. "This joint campaign will help raise crucial awareness in China about the importance of protecting sharks, and attempt to promote changes in attitude and behavior about the commercial trade and widespread consumption of shark fins. We hope to inform and empower the Chinese public to be an active participant in the global campaign to protect sharks."

Caribbean Reef Shark, Honduras.  Photo: Enrico Nanni.
The exhibit is part of "No Shark Fin," a year-long joint educational campaign by HSI and the JGI China to raise awareness of and support for sharks in the world's most populous country. The campaign targets Chinese youth, particularly university students, to expand their knowledge of marine biodiversity and the need for shark conservation, and to discourage shark fin consumption. The exhibit runs through September 19.

Several Shark Defenders donated photos for this exhibit including Joe Daniels, Israel Sánchez Alcántara, Rodolph Holler, and Enrico Nanni. You can learn how to donate high-quality, royalty-free photos to support our advocacy efforts on the Shark Defenders blog.

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RKroll said...


I am a full supporter of the Humane Society and the Jane Goodall Institute doing what they can to educate the world about this shark devastation. I have seen the topic of shark protection multiple times. This means that the word is reaching out.

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