Thursday, August 25, 2011

AB 376 Headed to the Full Senate

Oceanic Whitetip Shark. Photo: Rodolphe Holler, Tahiti Private Expeditions.
Great News! AB 376 has cleared the California Senate Appropriations Committee without any amendments by a 5-2 vote and is on its way to the Senate Floor.

The bill banning the sale, trade, and possesion of shark fin requires a majority vote in the Senate and then the governor's signature in order to become law.

Congratulations and thank you to the many organizations and individuals who are supporting this effort.

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Unknown said...
~Calling All Shark Angels!! Time To Rally For Sharks!! The Final Push Is Now!! Please Call These Senators Today For Support of AB 376, which will be voted on by the CA Senate THIS WEEK. When you call, simply say: "I am a member of your district and I urge you to Support AB 376, The Bill To Ban Shark Fin Soup in California." It only takes a minute and is as easy as apple pie! Thank You!! For The Sharks!! >~xo:] >><> x

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