Friday, June 10, 2011

Sharkwater Saipan

The Northern Mariana Islands banned the sale, trade, and possession of shark fin on January 27, 2011. The bill was introduced by Representative Diego T. Benavente and was supported by a number of fishermen, divers, and environmentalists, as well as a number of international shark conservation organizations including Shark Savers, WildAid, and Humane Society International.

Kathy Pagapular, a teacher on Saipan, first saw the film Sharkwater at American Memorial National Park, which hosts a free public showing of an environmental movie on the first Friday of each month. She liked the film so much, she purchased it off and showed it to her sixth grade class. The students loved the movie, too, and decided to write to Sharkwater's director and editor, Rob Stewart, to ask him to come to Saipan to help them protect sharks.

Sharkwater Saipan picks up the story from there.
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