Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shark Touch Tank Opens Tomorrow in Boston

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The New England Aquarium in Boston is opening the East Coast's largest touch tank tomorrow. The $1.5 million addition will hold 80 cownose rays and several small sharks (I think they are bamboo catsharks from the looks of this video).

From the Boston Globe:
Touch of rays and sharks added to aquarium visit

They’re surprisingly velvety to the touch, slightly scary by reputation, imbued with natural curiosity, and mesmerizing to watch swim around — and around, and around — their tropical-themed habitat.

Already drawing oohs and aahs from New England Aquarium members allowed access to the exhibit, the inhabitants of the new Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank, which will open to the general public Friday, clearly possess star potential.

“Visitors are more sophisticated now. They want to be able to enter that aquatic world,’’ said aquarium official Jim Duffy, who helped design the $1.5 million exhibit.

More interactive attractions like this one are the wave of the future, he said. “The old model of frames on a wall with fish behind them doesn’t resonate so well.’’

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While this attraction will bring millions of people face to face with sharks and rays, nothing beats seeing the real thing in the wild. Shark Defenders supports the creation of shark sanctuaries, places where shark fishing is not allowed and the sale, possession, and trade of sharks and shark parts is banned.

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Shark Defenders said...

In response to some of the comments from Facebook:

The best way to experience sharks are in properly managed marine protected areas, but the modern zoo is no longer just a place to ogle at exotic creatures. Many zoos, but clearly not all, have evolved to be centers of education. They are also centers of conservation. NEQ, for example, has a very active turtle rescue program. They rescued a number of sea turtles during the cold snaps in 2010.

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