Saturday, April 23, 2011

Captain Ron and Emma the Shark

Captain Ron: The Bahamas famous one-eyed Lemon Shark
I stumbled upon Captain Ron and Emma the Shark's Facebook Pages tonight.  Brilliant!

I encourage you to become a fan of both Facebook pages.  After you click "LIKE," be sure to tell them that Shark Defenders sent you!

Emma the Shark: This 14-foot tiger shark is the most photographed shark on the planet.

Maybe we should have a popularity contest? Become a fan of Captain Ron the lemon shark if you think he is The Bahamas #1 celebrity, or if you prefer tiger sharks, become a fan of Emma the Shark. The shark with the most "LIKES" at the end of next month...gets the satisfaction of knowing they are popular on Facebook.

1 comment:

pimalai said...

They may be photographed a lot, but I'm still impressed by whoever's able to take a picture of those two sharks. If I recall right, Lemons and Tigers are two of the most dangerous sharks out there. If anything, it must be quite the adrenaline rush getting that close to them.

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