Monday, February 21, 2011

Guam Senate Votes on Thursday to Protect Sharks

blacktip reef shark
The Guam Senate will vote on Thursday to pass Bill No. 44-31 to ban the possession, sale, and distribution of shark and shark parts.  Since the bill was introduced late last month, over 14,500 people around the world have signed a petition and 330 supporters from 57 different countries have written unique letters.  Additionally, local Guam students have submitted thousands of signatures and hundreds of letters as part of their Shark Tsunami campaign.

Also, the Pacific Daily News is reporting that Guam's fishermen are in support of shark conservation:
The President of Guam Saltwater Anglers, Tom Camacho, is quoted as saying: "We have been working diligently with Senator Rory Respicio and his staff to see to it that this Bill is favorable to everyone concerned. We feel that the intent and actions of this Bill protects Guam's unique traditions and culture and addresses the activity of shark finning by taking a stance to prohibit such activity. We greatly appreciate all the efforts and resources that Senator Respicio and his Committee provided and we believe, through collaboration, exchange of ideas, communication, patience and understanding, that we have worked towards a resolution for the protection of fishing as a tradition and culture as well as the prohibition of shark finning."

1 comment:

Unknown said...

It was Unanimous!!!!

All 15 senators voted in favor of the shark fin bill!!!

Now, it just needs the governor's signature.... He has 9 days including today Sat 2/26


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