Friday, February 11, 2011


This Valentine's Day, why not show your love for sharks in Washinghton State?

Last week legislation was introduced in the Washington State legislation that is similar to the recent shark fin bans passed in Hawaii and Northern Mariana Islands and pending in Guam.

Senator Kevin Ranker, author of the legislation and chairman of the Natural Resources Committee, will host a public hearing on SB 5688 this coming Monday on February 14, 1:30pm PST in the Natural Committee Resources Hearing Room (Rm 2 J.A. Cherberg Building Olympia, WA).

We need your help to provide testimony in support of this latest shark fin ban! It does not matter where you live, the shark fin trade is a global problem and it effects shark populations worldwide.

Our effort for gathering testimony in Guam resulted in 370 unique letters from 56 different countries. SHARKS STILL NEED YOU TO SUBMIT WRITTEN TESTIMONY ON THEIR BEHALF!

Testimony should be addressed to Senator Kevin Ranker, chairman of the Natural Resources and Marine Waters committee. And it should be sent to ALL committee members.

They are:

Senator Kevin Ranker –
Senator Debbie Regala –
Senator Bob Morton –
Senator Jim Hargove –
Senator Val Stevens –
Senator Dan Swecker –

Please also cc your testimony to the committee staffer Curt Gavigan: and Iris Ho of Human Society International: This will allow Shark Defenders' partner organization HSI to track the testimonies in case the committee has any follow-up questions.

Thank you so much for your support! With similar legislation in the California and Oregon state legislatures -- not to mention Guam and the Philippines -- we are developing serious shark protections across the entire Pacific!

The text of SB 5688 can be seen here.

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