Sunday, January 30, 2011

Show Shark Defenders Your Shark Fin!

Rob Stewart, director and producer of Sharkwater, is the first Shark Defender to show us his Shark Fin. Want to be next?

Take a photo of yourself showing us your Shark Fin and post it to the Shark Defenders Facebook Wall, or email it to and we'll post it for you. We'll post the best Shark Fins on our blog.


Travis Goode said...

They are a beautiful species that are not given enough chances because they are so mis-understood by so many people who have little or no education on them and are too quick to speculate. They are a vital creature in our marine's ecosystems, they provide balance and structure and by eliminating them or reducing their numbers has a major impact on the marine ecosystem overall and the lifecycle of marine inhabitants. I stand by Rob Stewart in this petition and support him with my words. Sincerly Travis Goode

Unknown said...

i am a gal from india!!! is there anything at all tat i can do to protect these wonderful creatures!!! i am totally in love with them and i really wanna do something to be a part of them!!! pls help

Angelo Villagomez said...

Hi Nisha, send us an email at

The blanket answer is to take the Shark Defenders pledge and ask your friends to take it, too.

If you sign up from our email list, we'll let you know when governments are considering shark protections and how you can help.

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