Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shark Fin Ban Introduced in Guam

Guam has become the second US protectorate to introduce legislation banning the sale and possession of shark fins. The introduction of Guam Bill No. 44-31 comes on the heels of the a shark fin ban passed by the legislature of the Northern Mariana Islands last month, and a total ban of all shark products in Hawaii that went into effect in July 2010.

The following release is from the office of Guam Senate Vice Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz:

Tumon Bay Guam
Tumon Bay Preserve, Guam
Guam Vice Speaker Cruz introduces local Shark Finning Ban
Vice Speaker Benjamin J. F. Cruz and Senator Rory Respicio introduce Bill No. 44-31 (COR) to prohibit the trading and selling of shark fins and ray parts.

Vice Speaker Cruz said, “Every year commercial fishing kills over 100 million sharks worldwide - including tens of millions for just their fins. Sharks and rays are especially vulnerable to overfishing because they are slow growing and have few young. Shark finning is brutal and wasteful fishing because less than 5% of the weight of the shark is removed with the rest dumped overboard to bleed to death. Despite the increasing popularity of shark fin soup, the shark fin is made of cartilage and offers no flavor to the soup. It only adds texture and it may pose a health hazard due to mercury content.”

Senator Respicio, Chairperson of the Committee on Human & Natural Resources adds, “Federal legislation has also been enacted to protect these marine resources.

The Shark Conservation Act, requires US fishing vessels to land sharks whole thereby preventing illegal importation and transshipping of fins.” Bill No. 44-31 (COR) makes local enforcement possible if this bill becomes law. “In effect, Bill No. 44-31 (COR) curbs the shark fin industry by prohibiting the product,” states Senator Cruz.

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horrific video of shark finning.

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