Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shark Defenders Logo

Shark Defenders is developing a logo. We've been very lucky in getting donations of high quality shark photos for use on Google Earth and on this blog, but we also want an image that defines the work of Shark Defenders, which is developing shark sanctuaries and supporting the proper management of shark and ray species worldwide.  We'll eventually pick one logo that we'll use to represent us, but we'll probably make all of them available as stickers and buttons.

This first logo is based on the idea that Shark Defenders are like superheroes.  To get feedback on this logo (and all the other logos), we posted it on Facebook.  Many of the comments said that this logo looks too much like a sports team and that it is too aggressive.

This logo was based on the idea that nothing represents the word "defenders" better than a shield.  This one is my personal favorite and got a lot of positive comments on Facebook.  It also garnered a few negative comments: It looks too much like a sports logo (Oakland Raiders, perhaps).  It is too aggressive.  It looks like a car logo.

A lot of people who support shark conservation are divers.  This logo tries to convey that, but we're probably not going to use it because we want our scope to be much larger than just focusing on divers.  It will make a nice bumper sticker, though.

Our Facebook supporters really liked this one.  Our hope was to convey that we are a global coalition in support of shark conservation.  At the moment most of our supporters are in Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia, but we are growing to the rest of the world.

This is the same logo, but with the wording a bit different.  So which one do you prefer?  You can leave a comment on this blog or leave comments on our Facebook album.

Shark Defenders is dedicated to creating shark sanctuaries and supporting the proper management of shark and ray species worldwide. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and take the Shark Defenders Pledge.
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